My name is Bence Ujj and I'm a passionate story teller who loves using the power of video for creating exciting, informative, and effective presentations for my clients.  I can quickly edit using a variety of software and effectively and creatively shoot video in a diverse range of environments. I understands optimal file compressions for the Internet, broadcast television, DVDs, and email.

My Work History:

 Surya, Kennesaw, GA.                                                                         10/2014 to present

       Corporate Video Producer

  • Shot and edited all internal corporate videos for use on the company’s website.
  • Used 5D Mark II cameras, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition for editing.
  • Ensured all productions maintained a high standard of quality and met the vision and branding strategies of Surya.


Lucid Reality Productions, Raleigh, NC.                                            02/2014 to 10/2014

       Director of Photography/Editor

  • Operated main camera (Canon 6D), determined the best angles, lenses, and camera rigs to use, established ideal placement of lights for shooting the independent feature film, ‘In the Pines’.
  • Edited the feature film using Premiere Pro.


Burning Oak Studios, Raleigh, NC.                                                       5/2012 to 11/2013

       Production Manager, Editor/Cinematographer

  • Organized the production process from concept to final editing of all video related projects while supervising a staff of six people and assigning individual tasks for each team member. 
  • Facilitated the hiring of three employees and helped with their training and acclimation to our workflow.
  • Edited half hour to two hour long DVDs for artists, commercials, web videos, testimonials and promotional videos using Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Audition.
  • Operated Canon XF305 and Canon Mark II 5D cameras with a jib arm, Steadicam, camera dolly, shoulder mount, and boom microphone for studio and on location shoots.
  • Utilized a green screen set up, as well as a hard set with props and backdrops in the studio for filming, and used portable lights, reflectors for location shoots. 


Yay Creative Group, Raleigh, NC.                                                          2/2011 to 5/2012


  • Edited several commercials and testimonials for local businesses using Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects.
  • Taped content for commercial productions on location and with a portable green screen.
  • Used Adobe Audition for enhancing audio


The C Group, Raleigh, NC.                                                                    10/2010 to 6/2014

        Freelance Production Assistant

  • Worked corporate video shoots as 2nd camera and production assistant
  • Edited testimonials, commercials and composed a DVD for the NC. Center for Biofuels using Premiere Pro.


BLAB Television Network, Pensacola, FL.                                             5/2008 to 9/2010

       Head Director/Video Production Specialist

  • Directed several half hour and hour long live and taped shows on a nightly basis.
  • Edited several commercials and shows using Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Edius, DPS Velocity and After Effects.
  • Frequently used an audio board for many live and taped shows.
  • Operated studio and field cameras for a variety of shots and maneuvers.
  • Worked as a floor director, helped assemble set pieces inside the studio and on location, applied microphones to the talent.  
  • Designed necessary graphics and backgrounds for green screens using Adobe Photoshop.


Total Golf Systems Internship, Pensacola, FL.                                          2008 Semester


  • Directed a variety of fitness videos using a three camera set up.
  • Edited the fitness videos for a DVD ready formant using Premiere Pro.


University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL.                                    BA, Graduated: 2008  

        Majored in Telecommunications and Film

  • Minored in Digital Art and Psychology

Ashford University, Online                                                     MAOM, Graduated: 2010

  • Obtained a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management.